What I Use (August 2023 Edition)

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Operating Systems

My workflow is typically the Firefox web browser, Obsidian Notes, plus several terminals with zsh or bash.

I use macOS for my desktops. For me, it’s the least worst option currently available. For most of the 1990s and some of the early 2000s, I primarily used Linux on the desktop. I had some short jaunts with FreeBSD and OpenBSD. I loved all the window managers and all the tweaking. Now, I just want things to stay relatively sane and stable. I’m not so much into the tinkering anymore.

Regardless, I keep a Linux (currently, Fedora) on a second SSD on my PC. I spend a great deal of time in there. I would like to switch back to Linux full-time someday.

In the early 2000s, I took a deep dive into Windows internals and programming and so I used Windows 2000 on the desktop. At this point, I think I’m over Windows unless they start making fewer user-hostile choices and start cleaning up the OS internals.

I use Debian Linux for my servers whenever possible.


I mostly use Firefox, because:

  • It’s cross-platform.
  • It typically seems faster and more compatible with my use cases.
  • It has a rich ecosystem of extensions which aren’t being locked down as much as Chrome.
  • Firefox Containers are a killer feature.

I use Safari on iOS and iPadOS, but it is not functional or configurable enough for desktop use. Decent extensions for Safari usually aren’t free and are more constrained than their Firefox/Chrome counterparts.

Other Software

I’m still pretty invested in the Apple ecosystem, but I am trying to move to multi-platform tools whenever I can, with that goal of eventually returning to Linux.

Obsidian Screenshot

Notes Midwit


I use an iPhone 13 Pro. While I would like to move back to Android, I have a Pixel 6a and I feel that Android is just really lagging in polish and features.

I pretty much use the same apps on it as I use on the desktop. I use iOS Shortcuts heavily.

I used to upgrade every year. Now I upgrade every 2-3 years. I’ll definitely be upgrading this year to get USB-C.


I have an M1 iPad Air. It is incredible fast with the M1 processor. I normally use it for consuming media and reading technical books and articles. It’s not very good for productivity, except in a pinch and there isn’t a computer nearby.

Apparently, some of the first batch of M1 iPad Air models creaked. I have a first batch Space Gray unit and it doesn’t creak at all. A friend had a blue unit which did creak. He returned it and got a Space Gray unit and that didn’t creak. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I have an Apple Pencil but I rarely use it. It was probably a waste of money.

I have an Apple Smart Keyboard Folio as well. It’s too expensive and too cramped for regular use, but it’s nice to have in a pinch and doesn’t require extra charging or batteries.

I also have a Kindle Paperwhite. It is outstanding for reading non-technical books and discourages me from getting distracted while reading. I used to harrass Amazon to remove the ads for free but I don’t really mind them anymore – they sometimes provide some decent recommendations.

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