Jake Shaw


I am the senior network engineer for a large education network in the Eugene, Oregon area. I manage the WAN, LAN, firewalling, wireless, and a bunch of other stuff.

I spend a lot of my time programming automations using Python, Golang, PowerShell, and the various network automation tools out there.

I also:

Use 1 foot jumpers!

Rough Work History

2006 - 2023: Senior Network Engineer

1999 - 2006: UNIX and Windows System Administrator

Mostly Solaris in the beginning. I then later migrated almost everything to FreeBSD (circa 4.6), then Linux.

Then, in the very early days of Active Directory, my compadre and I converted most everything to Windows Servers and wrote a ton of custom C# code to manage Active Directory, because many of the tools we now take for granted, didn’t exist yet.

1996 - 1999: Network Technician

I ran miles of network cabling (coax, cat3, serial lines for DEC VT terminals, PhoneNet)

1992 - 1996: B-52H/B-1B/B-2A Offensive Avionics Technician in USAF

I worked on communications, navigation, targeting, and sensor systems on heavy bomber aircraft in the United States Air Force. I maintained a security clearance and worked in the Nuclear PRP program.