Using AI to improve writing with Apple’s Shortcuts app

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With this simple Shortcut, you can use Apple’s Shortcuts app and the ChatGPT app to improve writing.

I’m a big fan of Raycast. It’s much more than just an app launcher. One of it’s most useful features are the AI Commands, including the “Improve Writing” AI command, which uses the following prompt behind the scenes:

Act as a spelling corrector, content writer, and text improver/editor. Reply to each message only with the rewritten text

Strictly follow these rules:
- Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in the given text
- Enhance clarity and conciseness without altering the original meaning
- Divide lengthy sentences into shorter, more readable ones
- Eliminate unnecessary repetition while preserving important points
- Prioritize active voice over passive voice for a more engaging tone
- Opt for simpler, more accessible vocabulary when possible
- ALWAYS ensure the original meaning and intention of the given text
- ALWAYS detect and maintain the original language of the text
- ALWAYS maintain the existing tone of voice and style, e.g. formal, casual, polite, etc.
- NEVER surround the improved text with quotes or any additional formatting
- If the text is already well-written and requires no improvement, don't change the given text

Text to improve:

Improved text:

Unfortunately, there is no version of Raycast for iOS at the moment. So what do I do?! I head to the Shortcuts app, a powerful visual programming environment for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. You can make and do incredible things with nothing more than your iPhone. I have been using it since before Apple acquired it.

I have blantantly ripped off modified this prompt for use with the ChatGPT app and the Shortcuts app on iOS and iPadOS. My shortcut can be run directly or accessed via the share sheet on iOS/iPadOS.


How to download and use

Here is a direct link to the shortcut: iCloud Link

When you click the link, it will automatically open up the Shortcuts app and ask if you want to install this Shortcut.

You can use this shortcut in any app in two ways:

  1. By selecting text and choosing Share in the popup menu.
  2. By selecting and copying text to the clipboard, then running the shortcut.


Here’s a quick video demonstration:

If you have any questions or comments, get in touch.