Fix for iOS 6 activation problems

1 minute read

This only applies to legitimate iOS developers. I have no clue nor desire to help pirates. I assume you’re familiar with stuff like iTunes, DFU mode, etc. No warranties, etc etc.

Update: This procedure probably won’t work on Hackintosh configurations. I’m getting reports of failures with 2500-something-or-other error codes on them.

If you’re one of the iOS developers who installed iOS 6 Beta 1 only to be stuck in activation hell, there is a fix:

Step One. Make sure your development device UDID is entered into the iOS Provisioning Portal:

Step Two. Make sure you have the correct 5.1.1 and 6.0b1 images for your development device.

Step Three. Load up iTunes, connect your development device to the USB cable.

Step Four. Put your development device into DFU mode. Hold down the Option (Alt or Shift on Windows, I can’t remember) key and select Restore. Select your 5.1.1 ipsw image. Let it do its thing.

Step Five. Once your development device has restored and rebooted into 5.1.1, go into iTunes again. Hold down the Option key, but this time, select Check for updates. Select your 6.0b1 ipsw and let it do its thing. The iPad should reboot into iOS 6 and activate properly.