My Triplets


First things first. If you are or will be a parent of multiples, please feel free to get in touch. Also, there are no bad questions. If you feel hopeless, it gets better, please get in touch.

If you are a mother and want a woman’s opinion, I can probably put you in touch with my wife, if you aren’t creepy. Other parents made themselves available to us and it helped us tremendously and we like to pay it forward.

I am not interested in debating any of the below topics, so don’t contact me about that.

Actual FAQs

We get asked the same questions over and over. If I point you here, don’t be offended.

Were they natural?

Answer: Yes, they are all natural, and organic. No artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Seriously though, this is a very private question. We got this question all the time. Never ask parents of multiples this question of someone unless you are family or a personal friend.

In some cases, I’ve seen parents of multiples that have gone through several emotional miscarriages before they finally went through fertility treatment and won the multiples lottery. Asking this question may bring up bad memories for them.

I run into multiples at a store, I don’t know you. Should I touch or pick up your kids without asking?

Answer: No. This actually happened a lot when they were younger.

What did you have?

Answer: 2 boys and a girl (BGB).

How old are they?


Birth stats?

Carried to 36 weeks. One boy and girl (A & B) were just over 6 pounds, the other boy (C) was just over 4 and a half pounds. All were and are totally healthy.

Are they identical?

Answer: No. The boys look kinda similar and and I sometimes confuse them from behind, but they are all fraternal, as opposed to identical.

They have pretty different personalities, but they get along well.

Do you dress them the same?

Answer: We try not to. Although, I’m not horrified if they wear the same outfit.

Funny enough, while I often confuse the boys from certain angles, I don’t really think of them as “triplets”.

Did you breastfeed?

Answer: No, I’m a guy.

Diapers and wipes?

Answer: Get a Costco membership if you don’t already have one. Buy the Kirkland diapers and wipes. They are of good enough quality and you will save a fortune. If you spend hundreds a month at Costco, get the Executive membership. The money you earn back each year will pay the next year’s membership fee.

Tips for parents of multiples