INTP, sometimes INTJ, depending on the year. I am a 40-something father of young triplets, trail runner, network and security engineer for a large network, programmer, Freemason, and mountaineer living in Eugene, Oregon.

If you’re a parent of triplets or have (serious) questions about Freemasonry or running, I’d love to talk, feel free to get in touch.

I am @codejake on Twitter. You can also email me at my first name at this domain name. I tend to only check email one or twice a week, so give me a little time to get back to you.

Current topics of interest in no particular order

Python, databases, living more simply, open source intelligence, special operations history, security, reading, Arduino, RTL-SDR, playing Lego with my kids.

Past interests of note

ColorViz, Cocoa/iOS programming, C#, ASP.net, System.DirectoryServices, Perl, Rails, Windows programming, Linux kernel programming and internals, Windows NT kernel internals, PalmOS, Windows Phone programming, Android internals and programming and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Other Random Trivia

  • I have run many (ultra)marathons. I prefer trails – remote, if possible.
  • I have climbed most of the major peaks in the Cascades, including Mount Rainier.
  • I lived in the Oregon woods for a month. I came out of it with a new appreciation for people, hot showers and air conditioning.
  • In a past life, I worked in Offensive Avionics on various black and gray heavy bomber aircraft in the USAF.
  • I’ve been shot at a couple times.
  • I’ve been inside a Space Shuttle.
  • I’ve been inside an SR-71 back when it was operational. I learned later that this was a Bad Thing(tm). This isn’t related to my time in the USAF.
  • That Freemason thing: 32° Scottish Rite (AASR SJ), MM AF&AM. No irregular stuff.

This Website

This website is a bunch of static files generated by Jekyll.

I try to use Amazon affiliate links because a few extra pennies help. If it bugs enough people, it would probably be easy to talk me out of them.